What to Wear

We would like you to have a great experience when you arrive for your photo session.

Here are some suggestions to help you achieve the best pictures possible:

* Wear clothing with solid colors. Patterns tend to draw attention away from the face.

* For family photos, keep clothing simple and in the same tonal range to provide a better sense of unity.

* If you know you want your photograph to have a dark background, dress in medium to dark tones.

* Wear long sleeves for close-up portraits. Bare arms tend to distract from the face.

* Bright colors like pink and orange will stand out more than your face and ruin a portrait, avoid them if you can.

* Stripes, checks, and plaids usually don’t photograph well.

* Light colors similar to your skin tone tend to overpower the face and make you look paler than usual.

* To look slimmer, wearing black and other dark tones can help.

For Children:

* Schedule your portrait session in accordance with your child’s nap and feeding schedule (As much as possible). Kids are much happier after a nap and a snack. If you’re hoping for pictures of your child sleeping, then plan accordingly as well.

* Bring favorite toys for babies to play with or comfort objects for “emergency” situations.

* If you can meet Ben on a day before your session, your child will be more comfortable the day of the session.