You heard it here first folks! The best Super Monday course in Western Washington is going to be here in Olympia on May 16th, 2011!

In fact, it’s the only one in western Washington!

“What’s Super Monday?” you ask?
Super Monday is a nation-wide education event sponsored by the Professional Photographers of America. Two times a year professional photographers all around the country open their studio doors to offer all-day classes on various subjects related to the business of photography for a mere $99.

The photographers volunteer their time and all the proceeds go directly to PPA educational programs.

I have teamed up with my good friend Kari Blunck of Studio K Portraits to teach a class on location lighting. This will be a class intended for intermediate to advanced photographers (aka people who know how to operate their cameras to get a normal exposure.) We’ll cover the use of light modifiers and strobes to create stunning portraits with both artificial and available light. If you’re like me and love strobe lighting then you can follow my group. If you’re like Kari and love the soft, natural feel of available light then you can follow Kari’s group (but then you’ll realize how awesome strobes are and run back my group. Right Kari? 😉 )