Meet the Sands family. Photogenic, friendly, and color coordinated. Jessica is your local Scentsy distributor for the Lacey/Olympia area as well as a Yoli distributor (mmmm… Yoli). Cory is a former Marine and super duper handy man and all around great guy. If I ever need something fixed he’s the one I call. Stop by the studio some time and I’ll show you some of his handy work 🙂 Their kids were extremely fun and easy to photograph. They actually smiled and looked at the camera which caught me off guard. That kind of thing only happens in the movies, right?  Thanks guys for one of the easiest family sessions ever! I can’t wait for our next session 🙂

If you’ve been thinking about having a family portrait done, but just haven’t made the time to do it, give me a call. (360) 628-8815. We’ll have a planning session where we can talk about what you want, and how much you can afford etc. and I’ll tailor the session to fit you. There’s no better time than the present to record your family history.