You: “Hey Ben, you look different today. Did you get a haircut or something?”

Ben: “Why yes I did get a hair cut.”

You: “Hmmmm… no, that can’t be it. There’s something magical about you, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

Ben: “You’re probably noticing my SWEET NEW BLOG DESIGN from! It allows me to post really big pictures to my blog, and is a bit more customizable. Do you like it?”

You: “Uhhh… yeah, sure Ben. Whatever.”

Ben: “I’m glad you love it even more than life itself! Since you always want to know when I update the blog, feel free to click on the “Subscribe” link to receive an RSS feed of this blog.”

You: “I need to learn what an RSS Feed is, but okay, I’ll do that. I’m also going to tell all my friends about you and I’m going to become a fan of your Facebook page too. You’re the best unknown photographer in town!”

Ben: “Yeah, I’m trying to fix that. Thanks for your help! :)”