The value of a first impression is priceless.

  • Are you trying to sell your home for the largest profit possible?
  • Do you want to dramatically increase your chances at a job interview?
  • Do you want to design your workplace or home to make visitors feel comfortable?

A great first impression can do all these things, but how does one create a great first impression?

Introducing Design Smart Home Staging & Redesign.

Lisa Poundstone - Design Smart Home Staging

Lisa Poundstone, Larissa Lauritzen, and Lasca McClung make up the design team of Design Smart Home Staging & Redesign (say that 5 times fast!)
They specialize in:

  • Home staging
  • Interior design
  • Color Consultations and
  • Wardrobe design

If you would like tips and tricks in any of these areas, Design Smart Home Staging & Redesign offers a free monthly newsletter as well.

If you, or a friend has design needs, feel free to call Lisa at (360) 480-5810 for a design quote, or email to sign up for their free newsletter.

If you would like to make a great first impression online or on your marketing materials, then consider updating your professional business portrait with Leavitt Photo. We will design the portrait to match the look and feel of your brand, and if you need wardrobe help, we can bring Design Smart along for the ride 🙂

Call now to book your free portrait consultation. (360) 628-8815