Meet Megan Casto, an independent associate of a great company named Aflac… ever heard of it?

Basically, if you’ve ever wished you could get paid CASH for getting sick or injured, then this is the company you need to sign up with! (and Megan can totally help you with that signing up part.) Aflac will help you pay for everything else your medical insurance doesn’t, such as groceries, fuel, bills, etc. and the best part is they give you the money and you can spend it on whatever you want! (Like family portraits! hint, hint.)

During our consultation, Megan informed me she needed a standard business portrait and possibly some other fun ones for personal use.

The standard portrait was a piece of cake…dress nicely and I’ll push the button, done! On to the fun stuff!

Aflac has a blue and orange color theme in all of their marketing, as well as a duck mascot named, …well, I can’t remember. We decided to incorporate the Aflac blue into the portrait as well as a duck element. Megan had the wonderful idea of bringing in one of her stuffed animal ducks for the shoot, but in the end we took it a few steps further than that. The session quacked me up, I was laughing so much, mostly because I wasn’t the one with a freakin’ LIVE DUCK on me! 😉

As an excuse to put Megan in a neck brace and bandages we came up with a “Get Well” card idea showing the frustration of being hurt, and then the confidence of knowing that Aflac has your back through the ordeal.

This last shot is my favorite outtake of the session 🙂

(Note to self: Never pick a fight with a duck.)

If you like Megan’s portraits, please “Like” her Aflac page on Facebook and tell her how cool she is for doing this session.

She’d also be more that happy to answer any and all Aflac questions you may have as well. Don’t be shy about asking, she’s awesome and totally fun!


If you would like a customized business portrait your friends will actually talk about, call me at (360) 628-8815 to set up your free portrait planning session. Call me, I double-duck dare you.

p.s. For those of you who are wondering, (and I know there are a lot of you) no, the duck didn’t poop on her! I can’t guarantee the same outcome for your duck portrait though 😉