I’d like to take a moment to show you how Leavitt Photo can transform you from “normal” into whatever you want to be.

Exhibit A: This is Jason, your standard high school senior who studies hard and ALWAYS obeys his parents… right Jason?


I must admit, we did this portrait for his mother so she could have the standard “nice” picture parents love so much.

Exhibit B: Jason wanted something a little edgier, so here’s what we did for his actual senior picture…


Exhibit C: During our planning session we came up with some really fun ideas for his portraits. Being a leading member of Lacey’s “Old Kidzz” crew, Jason decided to do some promotional portraits for their next album. Here are some shots we came up with…everyone, MEET J-DAWG!



The best part of this whole experience was we had WAYYY too much fun. We played some hip hop music to get J-Dawg in the zone and I think I laughed pretty much the whole time! Ironically enough, he’s as far from gangster as can be (and he knows it). In fact, he’s currently interested in politics. Hopefully these images won’t resurface during his campaign for president. 😉

If you have a fun idea of what you’d like to do for a portrait, give me a call (360) 628-8815 and schedule your planning session.

I’m anxiously waiting by the phone.  🙂  “*please ring, please ring!*”