The day has finally come, Melissa is now officially 1 year old as of last Wednesday. My girls are growing up way too quickly. (FYI, Melissa is my younger daughter) Thank goodness I have these photos to remember her this way. Even if she grows up to be the most spoiled little brat to walk the face of the earth, I can still remember her as the innocent little cake monster she was on her first birthday.

When was the last time you documented your family?

If the answer is more than 6 months ago then you’re definitely overdue for some pictures.  Now I’m not saying you need to get professional pictures done that often, (although that would be AMAZINGLY AWESOME!) but what I am saying is you should at least get your camera out and take some pictures just for the sake of having pictures.

Of all the gifts you give your children – iPods, cars, designer clothes, cell phones – all will be replaced and forgotten; but long after you are gone and your children have grandchildren of their own, family portraits will be the things they treasure the most. The portraits you create today are not just for you, they’re for your entire posterity. What legacy will you leave for them?

This is your assignment. Take some pictures of your loved ones TODAY. Don’t put it off any longer. If you’d prefer to be included in those portraits then schedule a professional portrait session TODAY. (If you don’t know who to hire, I’ll make it easy for you: BEN LEAVITT (360) 628-8815) Whatever you decide to do, do it today. Time waits for no one.

Good luck!