Olympia Professional Photographer Ben LeavittGreetings, I am Professor Leavitt,

As some of you know, I absolutely LOVE most anything that has to do with photography 🙂

I also love my daughters… dare I say it?… even more than photography!

If there’s anything I like to talk about it’s:

A) Photography

B) My kids or

C) You!

It’s easy to find people to talk with about kids, but a photography audience isn’t quite as easy to come by. In order to fill the void I take time to teach basic photography classes to any groups who are interested.

Sooooooo, if you know of any Mom groups, play groups, Dad groups, Business groups, Ultimate Frisbee groups or whatever groups that would like to have me speak just have them call me (360)628-8815 or send me an e-mail and we’ll have some flippin’ fantastic photography fun!

If you’re not local and don’t feel like flying me out to your mansion in Hawaii (yeah, I’m talking to YOU Oprah) then feel free to continue reading this blog for lessons. I’ve also made two simple handouts for my Standard Photography presentation and Child Photography presentation which I’ve entitled, “How to Capture Better Portraits” and “Portraits for Posterity” which you can use as a pocket reference while you’re out shooting.

How to Create Better Child Portraits