Leavitt Photo is interviewing for Class of 2010 Senior Models!

Call now (360.628.8815) to schedule an interview!

Being somewhat new to the Olympia/Lacey area not many people know I exist yet, or even that I do senior photos. To save the world from this terrible injustice I’m interviewing class of 2010 Seniors for eligibility as Senior Models.

As a Senior Model you will be given many perks:

  • A free 100% customized portrait session
  • Free yearbook picture
  • Digital Video Slide Show of pictures from your session
  • Marketing materials featuring your own photos
  • A chance to earn $50 to $100 in print credit for each person you refer to Leavitt Photo.

This is the best Senior Model program you will findĀ  around – some studios might offer nothing more than a free session to their reps. Why am I being so generous with this program? Because I need the exposure. Hardly anyone knows my portrait studio has moved to Lacey / Olympia and I’d like that to change.

What makes a great Senior Model?

The ideal senior model has most, or at least some of these qualities:

  • Loves pictures (especially free ones)
  • Loves having their picture taken
  • Friendly and fun (we have way more fun if you’re fun too)
  • Will tell LOTS of people about Leavitt Photo AND/OR
  • Has a parent who will tell lots of people about Leavitt Photo.

How do I become a Senior Model?

The number of Senior Models per school is limited. Call now (360.628.8815) to schedule an interview and learn more about the Senior Model program.

Here’s an example of how I customize your Senior Portrait session. When I interviewed Matheu, I learned he likes techno, skateboarding, playing guitar, and he was a life guard at a couple local pools. Based on that information we planned out the following pictures in this video:

If you’re wondering about the banana pictures, they were an inside joke we shot based on something he’d posted to his myspace page.