Showing Who You Are, Not Just What You Look Like

Why Portraits?

Why do we love portraits? For me, it’s to remember the person we loved, and what things were like at that moment in time. The person your child is today, isn’t who they will be next week, next month, or one year from now. Time flies by way too fast, and portraits allow us to hang on to sweet memories even longer.

The Story is What Matters

Yes, having a portrait that looks good is important, but what if we could tell your story at the same time? That is where the true value exists in a portrait. If someone saw your portrait two generations from now, what would they be able to learn about you just by looking at you? Well, if you dressed up in clothes you never wear and were photographed in a place that has no significance to you, the chances are they won’t learn much. On the other hand, if you wore your favorite outfit, and were photographed doing your favorite hobby in a place that means a lot to you then people will not only know what you looked like, but also what your story was. This is the heart of what Leavitt Photo is all about, telling your story.